(A Recipe)

Oh wow you're here, that's surprising but I have one(1) singular recipe that I know to be so damn easy and good.

Pasta & Veggies

Whatchu need:

  • Some boiled Pasta
  • Some Oil (I guess olive oil but honestly any alternative is good)
  • Some Veggies (By Priority): Tomatoes, Carrots, Dem Greens.
  • Cheese (The apex of this meal)

Whatchu Do?

  1. You BETTER heat up that oil reall well, it could be:
    On a wok
    On a Pot
    On a skillet
  2. Drrrop those veggies, they give that oil sauce flavour
    that's right, I'm Canadian.
  3. After heating them up to consumable amounts (Brown-ish?), drop that pasta in and give it a good swirl for a good while
  4. The best part: add the cheese after the pasta's been darn mixed, great flavour.
  5. Enjoy if you can. If it's bad then it's ok bc you tried
that's it! Hope you enjoy!