UTAU? What's UTAU?

It's a freemium weeb vocal synthesizer to use with user-made weeb voicebanks.



Natural voice, early banks were pretty nasally but I'm working on it. I used to call him Mashu Maro but honestly Marshy grew on me

8 Mora CVVC (B2, F3, A#3, D#4)
Powerscale Quadpitch Bank
Includes glottal stops, fries, and some english consonants

8 Mora CVVC (A2, D#3, G#3)
Soft tripitch bank.
Includes some extras (some english consonants, glottal stops, ending breaths)

8 Mora CVVC (A2, D3, G3, C4, F4, F)
Unfinished but available, I wanna try out a soft set one day...

Sweet 7 mora CVVC (A#2, C#3, E3, G3, A#3, C#4)
Resampler(s): moresampler, fresamp
(presamp compatible)

2 Mora CVVC (A#2, C#3, E3, G3, A#3, C#4)
Indefinite Beta VB, has a very cutesy voice that may for more pop songs.

Solid CV bank with a soft addon
ACT2: (A#2, C#3, E3, G3, A#3, C#4)
Soft addon: (SA#2, SC#3, SE3, SG3, SA#3, C#4)
Resampler(s): moresampler, fresamp12
Extras: English L, R, and V samples, 4 vowel endings, and vocal fry.


Extremely voice-acted, but hella fun to use. On the nasally side.

Super Nasally 7 mora CVVC (C3, F3, A#3, D#4)
Resampler(s): fresamp12
(presamp compatible, but difficult to use)

Shouty VCV with a separate yelling CV bank (G4)


bc it'd be too much of a hassle all my USTs will be compiled in mediafire right here

My Setup

These are what I use for UTAU stuff

Physical Equipment

  • MICROPHONE: Shure SM48
  • AUDIO INTERFACE: Steinberg CI2
  • MIC STAND: I don't know but it's a little broken down


  • OREMO: Recording VBs
  • SetParam: Configuring VBs
  • mkototemp500: Making base CVVC otos (stopped working on this laptop :c)
  • Notepad++: Making reclists, making notes, editing otos
  • REAPER: Main DAW
  • Audacity: DAW for voice editing and amplification

Just in case you came from "about"

Tips & Tricks

Just some things I picked up. Probs not accurate and subjective but I guess it helps


Here are kinda the common pitchbends I use tuning sample Here's the tuning sample
  • 100% vibratos with 35 depth
  • the A flag holy crap use the A flag if you can it works wonders...(certain resamplers only)
  • Go crazy with tuning once in a while. Like make it sound good but don't be scared to try stuff

Voicebank Creation

I should NOT be the first person to ask abt this so I'll just spill what I do for myself:
Just: do what makes u happy bud as long as it doesn't hurt anybody
    • Here's mine: 8 mora CVVC (45 samples/35 base samples)
    • Personally: CVVC > VCV despite the work it takes to tune and render bc it's just TOO easy to record and OTO.
    • Often: The more syllables(mora) the reclist has per line the shorter the recording time.
    • Feel free to make your own reclist bc that way you get what you want.
    • For y'all multipitch folk: wow
    • 3-5 semitones seems to be the accepted standard for pitches but for some people 6 semitones also work if your tone is consistent enough
    • here's mine:
      • Old Pitches: A#2 C#3 E3 G3 A#3 C#4 (3 semitones)
      • 2019 beta edition: A2 D3 G3 C4 F4 (5 semitones)
      • Reason: More range, less pitches, and equal suffering
    • OREMO
    • Reclist matter
    • Pitches also matter
    • Get some water... and a GuideBGM bc it's easier to oto
    • just use setparam BUT learn how it works as well bc it saves time
      • You can auto-CV a voicebank, it'll work well for single mora samples
    • The worst part of UTAU, literally like homework
    • Moresampler handles VCV OK but you'll need to readjust it (Here's an oto adjuster for that)
    • mkototemp500 is a good tool for making base CVVC otos but uhh??? SDKJFHKDSHFLDSKFJ GOOD LUCK its a bit more hands-on and less "easy"